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sciene lab Essay

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Station 4
In station number 4, there was a light bulb screwed into this contraption that had two black poles, called terminals, hanging down from it. This contraption, called a conductivity meter, was plugged into an outlet in the wall. There was also three beakers of water labeled A, B, and C. We had to test each beaker by putting the terminals into the water and seeing if the light bulb lights up. When we tested the beaker labeled A,
nothing happened. So we tried beaker B and the light lit up. It wasn't that bright, but it lit up. Finally we tested C, and it was so much brighter than B. At first we weren't sure why the light lit up differently, but then we thought that it had to do with what was in water. We remembered that salt in water can affect the movement of electricity, which is currency. In beaker A, there was no salt, in beaker B there was little salt, and in C there was a lot of salt. You see, when you add salt into water, the salts molecules separate and combine with the water molecules. This allows the electric current to flow from one terminal, through the water, and to the other terminal.   Thus creating a circuit to light the light bulb. This has to do with marine biology because the oceans are filled with salt. Scientists test the amount of salt (salinity) in the oceans using a salinity meter.
They are now trying to find ways to produce energy using the oceans and save the atmosphere.

Station 5
At station 5, there was a beaker, a golf ball, a spoon, and salt. We had to fill the beaker with water and try to get the golf ball to stay in the middle of the water. Now from past experiences, I know that golf balls sink when dropped into water. So, we started to pour salt into the water, dropped the ball in and nothing happened. So I poured a lot more salt in, and dropped the ball in again and it floated, but it was at the top and not the bottom. So I put more water into the beaker to make it less concentrated and the ball stopped in the...

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