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Scientific Management Essay

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Task 1
We will be thankful that our leaders must be brought up right since birth to complete with numbers of normal people who have great systematizing and productivity skills in the future.

Task 2
Scientific management for employers and workmen will mean exterminating almost all causes for argument between them. Fair paid and work load will help eliminate dispute.

Task 3
People identify scientific management as a systematic study of work process between the relationship of people and tasks to improve the productivity of each individual worker and to increase efficiency. Frederick Winslow Taylor is the primary supporter of the scientific management which has widely accepted by managers all around the world. And this scientific management theory is trying to pursue the ‘one best way’ (Morgen Witzel, ‘where scientific management went awry’, p.89) for a job to be done.   However, not everyone agree and adopt the scientific management theory. To those who support scientific management, they use their knowledge and scientific management to guide their business and it inspire the American industry and has created an enormous of productivity and being successful. But to those people who disagreed with scientific management, they will criticize it. They will think that scientific management is a ‘deskilling, dehumanising, the death of the craft production system, the dominance of capital over labour’ (Morgen Witzel, p.89). Both the supporters or detractors in scientific management theory have their points and people should have their choice of whether to adopt the scientific management in their business organisation. Now, we will look at those supporting and opposing the scientific management from the two articles of ‘where scientific management went awry, Morgen Witzel, 2005, p.89-91’ and ‘Frederick Winslow Taylor: the Father of Scientific Management and His Philosophy Revisited, G.R. Butler, 1991, p.23-27’.
There are benefits for the managers and...

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