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Sean Essay

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Sean Carney

Kean University was my top interest because it had many majors that I looked to pursue in as I furthered my education. The two majors that I would enjoy to pursue in at your school would be something in the Visual Arts or Athletic Training. Also, your University also offers football, the sport that I have to truly love to play. I’ve been always interested in drawing all my life because I have been most comfortable expressing my feeling through that. I also took drawing my sophomore year and I got straight A’s in the class.   My junior year I took photography because I was always obsessed with taking picture of everything. I was voted top photographer of my class of 30. Now at my senior year I am taking crafts and it kept me the most interested. Every few week we have been doing a new project and I am enjoying all of the new aspects of art. For example, we have been rug making and constructing houses by making it out of Popsicle sticks. Also we have made holiday decoration out of clay and I made a foot and a half tall snowman with a top hat, all the way down to the corncob pipe. It was my favorite project next to the house construction out Popsicle sticks.
In the aspect of Athletic Training that I would like to pursue is because all of my 4 years of my high school career I have played football. You have to constantly the working out before the season and during the season week in and week out because it demands a great deal of strength. Also if you want to be able to perform with the big dogs in the sport you need to be just as strong as them or stronger. That’s what I thought each summer while I ran and lifted with the team everyday. Each day I tried to out perform myself from the last day and the other player on the team. In the mince of that I was training with to personal trainer in between the workouts during the summer. I learned how to work out with proper technique so I won’t hurt myself while lifting and help me prevent injury during the...

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