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Second Amendent Essay

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Second Amendment
    In this day and age without the United States Bill of Rights, we would be living in a
very horrifying Country. The United States would be synonymous to a communist
country, if the rights of the people were not protected. The Founding Fathers may have
argued and compromised all of the articles that are written in the Bill of Rights; however,
they over looked some controversial issues that surround the ten amendments today.
The foundation that supports these controversial issues lies with how people can easily
abuse the rights in which we are protected. Majority may over rule however, not
everyone can be trusted with a bit of power and an irrational thinking.
    Out of the ten articles written in the Bill of Rights, the second amendment perhaps
became the most controversial phrase in the entire legal foundation of our nation. It
states, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right
of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” At the time the Second
Amendment was written, it had a major impact on this country because State and
National governments were unable, or lacked the power to protect the people.   This
Amendment gave the power to the people to bear arms for protection.   It was not the
intent or purpose of this Amendment to bestow unlimited rights upon the people.The
question to ask today is, are the people responsible enough to have the unlimited rights
that they seem to have under this Amendment.   That does not mean that the
government can constitutionally prohibit all weapons, but it probably means that the
government can reasonably regulate and limit their use. Our forefathers felt that it was very
important for individuals to bear arms for protection of property, life, or limb, when they created
a document that protected these rights, this seems to be evident because to right to bear arms
is the Second Amendment.   Again, the question...

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