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Self-Awareness Essay

  • Submitted by: auwr
  • on February 28, 2011
  • Category: Psychology
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September 23, 2010
Tom Hanks (Joe Fox) and Meg Ryan (Kathleen Kelly) star in the film, You’ve Got Mail.   This film’s first and most essential theme points to how technologically driven our society has become as a whole.   The two people meet over the Internet and fall in love by their continuous emailing.   After a few months of talking online, the two decide to meet.   Little do they know, they are both book entrepreneurs living in the same town.   The two meet before their “scheduled date” without knowing that the other is their secret online companion.   Instead, Kathleen decides that Joe Fox is just a cruel, empty-hearted man who just wants to put her out of business.   After this unfortunate first impression, Joe is walking into the coffee shop where the two emailers decided to meet.   Once he finds out that his online companion is Kathleen, the same woman who hates his guts, he gets scared and doesn’t tell her the truth about who he is.   This is the most important part of the whole movie: Joe knows who Kathleen really is, but Kathleen doesn’t know who Joe really is.
The relationship between Joe and Kathleen is a funny one, indeed.   The fact that she can hate him, yet still (unknowingly) love him simultaneously is astounding.   Also she tends to get very angry, very fast.   A perfect example of this is when a little boy comes up to her and spells, “F.O.X.”.   As for Joe, his business mind, the part of him that Kathleen doesn’t like, comes from his father.   Joe’s father and him are sitting on his houseboat and his father begins to name off the number of women he’s had stay the night with him on the boat.   He proceeds to talk about money and inheritance.   After watching the film, it was evident to me that these 3 different people have the most important character relationships between them.
In this movie, it is quite evident that Joe Fox serves as the protagonist and Kathleen Kelly serves as the antagonist.   Joe shows this by always trying to get on Kathleen’s...

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