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self ownership Essay

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Self Ownership.
There is a common held axiom in our society that we as individuals are free. While we do enjoy a large amount of freedom's in this country that many countries around the world do not share, the idea that we are completely free is a false belief. We as Canadians do not have full Self Ownership of our bodies, we at best have partial ownership. It is my belief that I as an individual, I have the full right of ownership over my body, to do with as I please. In short I have full sovereignty over my body. So What does self ownership mean? How does the concept of self ownership improve society? These are surprisingly simple questions to answer, self ownership is not a hard concept to grasp.

Self Ownership is the concept that you and I as sovereign beings have full ownership and responsibility over our bodies and our minds. In Self ownership lyes the truest and most fundamental ideals of freedom-- do as you wish as long as your actions do not impede on the freedoms of others   . This is a concept that many people believe we already practice in our society, but this is not the case. There are many laws that inhibit us as the owners of our bodies from having the freedom to do as we please. Laws that inhibit the personal choices that we as individuals have the right to make for ourselves, laws that are created on a moral bases, to prohibit victim-less crimes. Laws created on an arbitrary bases because some one felt they had the moral high ground and decided that they know best for all our bodies. This is a huge problem with our society, morals are highly subjective, so why would we give the power to anyone to enforce there view of morality on all of us.

If the idea of self ownership was put to practice in our society, it would stifle the ability of any body of power to impose its own moral views on us. We as individual's should be trusted to make our own decisions for ourselves as long as those decisions do not interject on anyone else's rights....

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