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Serotonin Essay

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Serotonin is a necessary chemical present in humans, animals, and insects.   However, serotonin is also present in some fungi and plants, including fruits and vegetables.   This complex chemical has many functions in the human body.   Among the most important is being a neurotransmitter that controls the many moods of humans. Some of the affected moods are: aggression, contentment, hunger, sexuality, and sleep onset.   Serotonin also is used in a wide variety of medications as well as illegal drugs.   This hot-topic chemical has many helpful and harmful properties like most chemicals, yet it is quite unique.
Serotonin was recognized and named in the year 1948 by researchers at the Cleveland Clinic.   This chemical is named after the circumstances under which it was discovered.   At this time, serotonin was identified as a vasoconstrictor material in blood serum.   The name serotonin comes from the word serum.   The scientists credited for the discovery and naming of serotonin are Arda Green, Irvine Page, and Maurice M. Rapport.
The IUPAC (International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry) name for serotonin is 5-hydroxytryptamine, or 5-HT.   The molecular formula is C10H12N2O and the molar mass is176.219 au.   The volume is 207.73 Å3.   The measure of serotonin’s polarity is 2.98 debye.   Serotonin has 69 vibration frequencies that follow normal vibrating patterns (Sawsun, 3).
          Serotonin Chemical Structure                 Three-Dimensional Serotonin Model

Serotonin has a plethora of functions in the human body alone.   Located in the central nervous system of human and animal bodies, serotonin produces the neurotransmitters that control the levels of (but not limited to): anger, aggression, appetite, body temperature, sexuality, metabolism, depression, and stress.   It is also inferred that serotonin can stimulate vomiting.   The function of serotonin is...

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