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service to others Essay

  • Submitted by: edaink25
  • on December 3, 2008
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Service to others
As being the child of a normal, everyday family; with two parents, two pesky brothers, a grandma, and our loving dog, our house usually doesn’t stay clean due to our busy schedules.   It seems as though we are always trying to conjure up a new way or idea to keep our disastrous home cleaner for longer, so when I read the essay prompt it wasn’t hard at all to think of some resolutions for the labor workers.   From volunteering to voting and back to engineering more efficient machines, I believe that my ideas will not only make a change for them but for the world.
First off, I am absolutely positive that volunteering helps the community in so many more ways than one.   If everyone could volunteer at least an hour or so a week our communities would be a much happier, cleaner, and more productive than they had ever been before.   If men and women could go down to the labor farms and volunteer it would be appreciated from just about everyone associated with them, not to mention the workers themselves. They work full days in the blistering sun only to get a minimum wage.   So by helping them even a little would take the stress load off for them and make their day a happier one then yesterday.
Even voting for a political officer could have a dramatic impact for the workers.   Everyone knows that leaders make decisions and the decisions they make have an effect on nearly everyone.   By voting for a candidate who supports the labor workers is obviously a good
one, you would know that they would be willing to go that extra little step, or give a little more of a push to get agreements passed to aid the worn down workers.
For today’s workers they are still resorting to bending down to pick the delicious fruit, that we enjoy almost every day, and carrying the heavy crates to a different location.   What I believe would have an enthusiastic effect for the workers would be to engineer a light-weight, aluminum conveyor belt system that could be easily moved....

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