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Sexting And Texting Essay

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In today’s society, text messaging is one of the most common ways to communicate.   Texting has been replaced by “sexting” which is the need to share inappropriate sexual connotations that involve words and pictures.   There is an ongoing debate about texting and sexting amongst teens and their cell phones because laws are being ignored, parents are not monitoring usage, and the music that teens listen too also suggests negative behavior.  
Teens have been texting since they were given cell phones.   The content has become X-rated, and the statistics are shocking and impossible to digest.   The National Campaign makes note that sexting is the newest craze but the alarming statistics listed below allows one to think about the dangers that teenagers can be faced with.   The diagram below lists the percentage of teenagers who have sent or posted explicit pictures of themselves via sexting (www.pcsndreams.com, June 17, 2009):

With statistics like these, it is safe to say that today’s technologies may consume our youth in ways parents may not be aware. Teens are less aware and responsible for their actions when their parents are not able to monitor their behavior.
In a recently aired Tyra Banks Show about Racy Pics, many teenagers feel it is not a big deal to send racy pics; it is fine as long as the recipient is someone trustworthy and no charges should be filed for child pornography (Tyra Banks Show, 2009).   Teenagers do not realize the effects that this can cause on someone’s life and future.   One of the most disturbing facts about sexting is the fact that some teenagers are not alarmed by the statistics nor are they concerned about sexting being a big issue.   Many students raise the questions to discuss why sharing nudity, via sexting, is a crime (Richards, 2009).
Many teens have stated that reasons they have sent a sext is because of peer pressure,
wanting to be in the popular crowd or wanting to be liked by the opposite sex.   A 14 year-old stated on the Tyra...

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