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Shadows in the night Essay

  • Submitted by: arysykiz213
  • on November 29, 2009
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Shadows in the night of a storm, scary things happen in shadows that many do not see. Let me tell you this small experience I had on Halloween in 1987 it may change your mind on stormy nights with all the shadows lurking around. Halloween is a great time to tell such stories and to see many scary sights and happenings. Sometimes our minds can trick us onto thinking we see something that is not there. They can also trick us into thinking we see something that is there.
Sunday October 31, 1987 the day I had saw the scariest shadow ever. After waking up I decided to watch the storm going on outside counting the spaces between lightning and the thunder. It was a very furious storm with the wind blowing the trees the rain hitting hard against the windows. The bright lightning flashes and loud thunder that sounds right above my head. The sight of the lightning made it easy to see the things that were hiding in the shadows for a second. The smell of the mountain fresh rain was so pleasant to my nose. The sounds of the branches cracking, and furiously swinging in the wind was such an unpleasing sound. I thought it was the perfect night for such a thing to happen.   I was thinking this was a great night to watch the scary movies like Nightmare on Elm Street 1, 2, and 3.
After about 5 minutes of counting and waiting for the thunder after the lightning, one lightning strike hit close to my house. I could not believe what I saw, a figure hanging from the roof at my window. This figure looked like a man in a yellow rain slicker watching me. With an uneasy feeling, I continued to watch and wait for the next strike to happen so I could see this figure now engraved in my mind. Finally another lightning strike hit but I could see no figure hanging from the roof.
I kept watching as the strikes started to get closer and closer, the thunder louder and louder, the wind stronger and stronger, and the rain harder and harder. This time I was sure to catch sight of this man in a rain...

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