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Shakespeare Essay

  • Submitted by: mammasita
  • on December 3, 2008
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The astronomy phenomenon’s:
In “Romeo and Juliet” Shakespeare talks a lot about the sun, moon and stars. Juliet is the
sun and she is not supposed to listen to the moon who only wants chasteness because of
Juliet’s beautifulness. Juliet’s eyes is actually two of the heavens eyes, I think. When
Romeo, in the balcony scene, wants to swear by the moon, Juliet interrupts him: “O swear
not by the moon, th’ inconstant moon, that monthly changes in her circled orb, lest that thy
love prove likewise variable”13 . The astronomy phenomenon’s of the day have an impact
on the story. In the story there are a lot of sunrises; Romeo goes around in the early
morning, after the meeting in the night with Juliet Romeo go to see Friar Lawrence, after
their first loving night Romeo leaves Juliet early in the morning, Juliet is found dead early
in the morning and the tragedy ends in the grey morning. Contrary to that are the meetings
between Romeo and Juliet in the night and the turning point, Mercutio’s dead,   is on the
middle of the day in the sun.
The turning point in Romeos reactions is how he response to the stars. When Romeo is
convinced by his friend to go to the Capulets feast he faces his destiny for the first time: “
Yet hanging in the stars”14 . Romeo goes to the feast which implies that he takes the
responsibility for his own destiny and he breaks with the stars. When Romeo gets the
information about Juliet’s death he says: “Then I defy you, stars”15and in the grave with
Juliet he says: “O, here will I set up my everlasting rest, and shake the yoke of inauspicious
stars”16Romeo is breaking with the stars because he wants to decide his faith and have
control over his own life and love for Juliet.

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