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Shopers Essay

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The first store that I visited in Garden State Plaza Mall was Kira Plastinina. A 15 years old Russian designer Kira Plastinina after 49 Kira Plastinina stores in Europe, she has opened up 7 stores in the US. Their strategy is to open a minimum of 50 stores in U.S. by 2010, either on premier streets or in A malls. In Garden State Plaza her store is located between the two main enters where for the new store is a perfect location. People can easily see that there is a new store in mall they want to visit to check what they sell and for what price. Looking at the store you can’t tell that is a foreign companies but you can see that they market target are young girls because of the pink, purple and red colors that are in store.   With an average price of $48, the collection emphasizes denim, tops and day and evening dresses with touches of white, metals and wood, and Kira’s signature pink and is aimed at fashion conscious girls and women aged 15 to 25. In my opinion they want to compeer with Express and Bebe. I didn’t see anything what may be better than in others stores but their best advantage is place in mall which give them good start to succeed . The next store was a retail chain selling surf-inspired clothing Who.A.U. It’s a trendy South Korean based clothing store competing with Abercrombie and Hollister,". Who A.U. is catering to the teenager market because that is the group with a considerable amount of spending power and one of the largest consumer groups in the United States. The store is located in the end of the mall where is not really good location for new store, but the store from outside looks very interesting.   I think that they will succeed because so far they are the best competitor for Abercrombie and Hollister and the fashion for those clothes never pas. The last store was closed but looking on the billboard I noticed that they will target towards teenage girls. It is located in lover level of the mall. Looking on those...

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