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Should Companies Be Socially Responsible Essay

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• Should companies be socially responsible? (it is a free open response question, write as much as you can)
o It could be argued whether or not a company is socially responsible or not. First of all, the definition of a socially responsible is: a company who pays low salaries perhaps to the African people who work for a low amount of money per day. However if someone is not socially responsible then the company   will try to make as much profit as they possibly can and will not be concerned about other people who are growing the crops and living in harsh conditions who work for them and take really law wages. Most people are not defined as kind and will sacrifice something for the poor. People are mainly weak and spoilt. They only look for their profit. People could be defined as greedy and voracious. In my opinion, companies should be socially responsible because of several reasons.
o I could support the statement with the quote: "Message to management is this, the way we have managed the downturn, we have done an excellent job. The labour management relations on the ground, we worked very closely. The way we wrap up this downturn could be even more important. If you wrap the downturn in a way that could be socially responsible, it will further strengthen the trust between the labour and management. The next time round, the workers would be even more responsive. But if you wrap up this downturn wrongly, you recognise only, you give consideration only to the stakeholders, you give them more dividends in some cases special dividends and neglecting the role of the workers, then the next downturn it will be more difficult for them to expect the labour movement to respond accordingly".
o This shows that people in the down part of the business will try to work as hard as they can because they know and want to achieve success or the goal in which they will get a higher raise. Therefore if a company is not socially responsible, they will not make the poor part of the...

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