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Should We Go To The Moon Again Essay

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Should NASA contue to plan for man space flight to the moon or Mars in the future considering the future of the economics of the United States.   I for one as a taxpaying citizen think that this is a waste of money. In light of all the finical trouble that the United States of America is in right now. As we look at the projected budget for the space program for this year and the years coming up. We see that the budget is well over 17 million dollars for this year alone.   It has been above 15 million dollars for the last eight years. My question to you is has all that money spent really been worth it? There has not been a stalk of corn that produces 50 bushels of corn to feed the starving people in Ethiopia or right here at home for that matter. We don’t hear about the cure for cancer or how to make chickens lay forty pound eggs. With this in mind, I just don’t see where it is a cost effective to keep blowing the money out the rear end of the space shuttle. They are trying as we speak to come up with a government health care option, but don’t have the money for it. Wouldn’t this be a step in the right direction if we could cut the cost of all the unproductive things we spend money on; then we might not be in debt to China for millions of dollars?   The way that I see it I guess is from being a father, who has a family to raise. If I buy a chicken and he don’t lays no eggs within a set time frame; then trade it in. I cannot afford to keep writing checks for feed and vet. bills and not get something in return. This is how I look at this problem with the government; why should we keep throwing good money after bad. If it doesn’t produce then get rid of it. None of us would drive a car these days that didn’t get at least 20 MPG so why should the government keep doing it. When we look at the past budget for NASA we see that they increased their budget from 6 to 12 million in 1961 to 1962, and from 12 to 24 million the next year,...

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