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Show Boat Essay

  • Submitted by: ebedegqeq9630
  • on October 21, 2009
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Many issues seen in Showboat were revolutionary for the time in which it was produced. They were newer ideas including the subject of miscegenation that seemed too questionable at the time. I believe that it can remain a topic in some cultures and families but that it is not nearly as controversial as it used to be.
African Americans were looked at as inferior to whites and were denied many of the same rights that whites had. Now, some 90 years later, all races are given equal rights to be educated, participate in politics, and share in basic commodities. Because of these rights blacks cannot be looked at as uneducated or inferior because they play the same roles in society as all others. This is why miscegenation is not as strong a topic as it used to be. I believe that there are still some families who are against it because they believe that other races are inferior however I have not experienced one and I do not hear about them being acted on like in the days Showboat first ran on Broadway such as banning a couple guilty of miscegenation from a place of residence and employment.
I do not believe that the race issue was dealt with as well as I would have liked it to be. I feel it opened very strongly with “Ol’ Man River” and showed what Steve would do to prove his love for his wife, Julie. I felt that right after that moment the race issue halted and it was only used as a device to move the plot further to allow Magnolia to became a star with Ravenal and their relationship to begin. This is what I believe became the new focus of the story. Maybe they stopped the issue because it would have more of a controversial topic than it already was, not letting it develop into the hit that became.
I was disappointed by the lack of the character of Queenie in the show. I thought that she would have been much more important to the plot but it seemed like she was there as an anchor on the show boat, being affected by the events around her but still having the same view...

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