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Shrek 2 Review

  • Submitted by: shrekmaniac
  • on March 1, 2011
  • Category: English
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Yes that’s right! Our evergreen larger than life hero returns, with the latest movie set to hit the big screens. The last time we encountered shrek was during his honeymoon with wife Fiona. However living happily ever after at the insect infested swamp never seemed further away, when an invitation to meet the royal in laws turns into another fun twisted adventure set to make you giggle. And with the help of his noble steed donkey, shrek seems adamant to take on the evil potion-brewing fairy godmother, a very vain prince charming and the apparent ogre slayer puss in boots, an aggressive feline who turns out to be a sweet pussycat at heart.
With this new shrek expected to be even better than its triumphant, Oscar-winning predecessor, its no surprise that it has taken 3 years of painstaking hard work from dreamworks highly talented, and ever enthusiastic directors in order to bring us a sequel worthy of carrying the name.
The sequel has the advantage of gaining a varied audience ,ranging from young children all the way up too our favourite grandma, who’s always up for a laugh. It also includes the return of many of the original cast and crew: Mike myers as Shrek, the beautiful Cameron diaz plays Fiona and Eddie Murphy as Donkey. Although some people say that you cant beat the classic cast, new additions have defiantly helped in swaying the opinions of the anti-shrek critics, especially the swashbuckling, mischevious puss in boots; voiced extravagantly by Antonio banderas, who adds to the excitement for the primary role of annoying talking animals.
However even with that mind boggling bunch of stars, it seems as if the filmmakers; led by Andrew adamson, may of let everybody down by allowing anything in, bringing along a controversy based upon whether or not Dreamworks have gone over the top with a film packed full of cheesy characters and fairytale nonsense! Although all of this seems to be a bit harsh on our big green friend, some of it is true, as after watching...

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