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Sick Mind Essay

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He seemed to kill for reasons no better then just lust and gratification. He killed 17 people over 13 years, all starting when he was just 18 years old.   He would lure his victims, usually young men, to his apartment with drugs, alcohol, and money.   Dahmer went as far as to dismember and store body parts throughout his apartment after killing them.
    He would sometimes even eat these dismembered body parts. Some say he went so long without being caught because he chose the ever shifting population such as drifters and prostitutes who had no real identity.   He did not kill acquaintances or lovers as many murderers did.   When arrested in Milwaukee in 1991 Dahmer confessed to all 17 murders, and was sentenced to about 900 years in prison. Dahmer was eventually bludgeoned to death himself in prison.
Obviously, as the media fed off these sick murders, so many asked how could anyone possibly ever think of doing this? Where did this super evil side in Dahmer come from? Why did he get away with it for so long,? and Can we foresee something like this and prevent it? This is a guy who's neighbor thought would be a good guy to have some beer and chips with over a football game. Jeffrey was not abused as a child, nor did he have a horrible background. He was born to a rather quiet graduate student at Marquette University, and his mother worked for a telephone company. He was a shy boy who, like other young boys, liked sweets and loved his dog. It seemed to be a rather ordinary, normal family, but things must have been taking there toll somewhere along the line.
There were a few things that were a little strange that may have molded Jeffrey's mind. The marriage was rough, the father was fairly distant and, Jeffrey and his brother were seen together but, it was stated in one article that they were never really close. Jeff did also show some scattered flashes of uncontrollable rage, but it was put off as a normal temper. There, however, no real red flag or tell tale signs...

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