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The Signs and the discovery Essay

  • Submitted by: bjedepdf2016
  • on December 17, 2008
  • Category: Psychology
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Below is an essay on "The Signs and the discovery" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

The Hopes...

"If you go on chatting non stop like this with your grandson, he going to start talking by his Sixth month"...

" Look at the way he kicks his legs in the air, I'm amazed at the kind of energy he has"...

"Mark my words he'll be running by his eight month and then you'll need all the energy you can save to run behind him"...

"Hmmm.. Is that your kid in the background? I can hear him.. He sounds very excited and happy"...

"He's so flexible. Look at him jump off my lap, arching his back. wow!"...

Signs Missed...

"Hema, its been 4 months.. Has he turned over on his tummy yet?..... No ma, he will. I checked on the net and with friends. They all say it happens only around the fifth month. So dont worry ma."

"Ma, he turned over today. There is still ten days to go for his fifth month. Did I not tell you, your worries are baseless. Relax ma."

"Has he started to crawl? All children of his age would have learned to sit up by now. You should check with his doctor."

"Keep some pillows as a back rest and a pillow in front of him so he wouldnt fall on his face and hurt himself. Make him sit this way for atleast 10 minutes a day, he'll learn to sit up. Nothing worry. Milestones need not be similar in children. Some children may even skip a milestone and move to another."

"Pa, I checked with the doctor here. She says there is nothing wrong with him. She said that some milestones do ge delayed a bit and its nothing to worry about."

"Sweeto, wish you were here now.. He stood up for the first time holding on to the TV rack. He slipped but he's ok now."

"Oh! Hear him go non-stop with his abbabbabbabbabba... If his dad hears it he'll be so proud."

"Amma, he did it! He took three steps towards the jam bottle on the table and then fell down."

The Doubts...

"You should have a complete check up done on him when you make your next trip to Chennai. You never listen to us. I'm telling you, there is something wrong with his back. The...

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