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Simularties Of Animal Farm Essay

  • Submitted by: rebekahwells
  • on March 2, 2011
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The Story Animal farm and the Russian Revolution have a lot of similarities; the characters represent leaders and many important people during the Russian revolution as well as many events that have taken place, they were represented in Animal Farm by symbolism.

Karl Marx in Animal Farm represents “Old Major (pig)” they are very similar to each other. They both invented a form of communism and taught their peers “how workers do all the work and the rich keep all the money”. They gave inspiration to others in a different ways either being right or wrong the people were convinced it was right. “Manor Farm” represents Russia when the original owner still had power just like when Mr. Jones still had power. “Animal Farm” replaced “Manor Farm after World War II and Animal Farm represents the Soviet Union which is the new name after the revolution. Unfortunately both Marx and Old Major died before any of the revolution.

Just after both Karl Marx and Old Major passed away, the revolution had begun. Tsar Nicholas II who resembles Mr. Jones in Animal Farm; was soon removed from power by riots and violence; just as Mr. Jones was chased off the farm by the animals by a series of violence and riots, both because of neglect.

Joseph Stalin and Leon Trotsky represent Napoleon and Snowball from “Animal Farm”, they both became leaders of the Russian revolution after Karl Marx (Old Major) died just like Napoleon and Snowball became leaders of “Animal Farm” after Old Major passed away.

Joseph represent Napoleon very well because they were both not very good speakers and didn’t want to follow anyone else’s ideas they wanted to have all the power and do thing their way, they both loved power so much they would kill anyone who would disagree to them. They also both used different types military forces to control Joseph used KGB just as Napoleon used Moses, Squealer, and dogs.  

Leon Trotsky represents Snowball. They are both communist leaders of the revolutions, and have...

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