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Sister Of Darkness Essay

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Summary Of Sister Of Darkness

In the memoir titled Sister of Darkness by Lili Bita is based in the village of Zakynthos where she is conceived in the bedroom of her parents Eleni and Yorgos. Lila was raised in a time in her life where women didn't have that much authority in their lives. In her younger years, she was a rebellious child who had a hard time identifying herself. Lila was considered a daddy's girl, even though she was loved by both her parents, because he had a certain coat of protection around her. She was filled with many talents such as her passion for music, and her love for poetry, but those were put aside for a temporary period due to World War II, when he father had to leave, and the Italian, German, and Greek armies invaded her village at certain times during the war. After the war ended and her father returned, he became very sick and was at the point to retire as a General. Lila persuaded her father to approve a decision to leave home to head to Athens, Greece to attend school to study music. At school, she won second place in a piano competition and published her first book of poetry. Then, she met Tasos, who was a professor at the academy. After meeting him, she fell in love and went to Germany and conceived her first child named Philip. Tasos left for America and Lila followed him to be bound for freedom and the two got married and conceived another child but fell into the struggles of his Violet behavior to the point when she was not free. Lila made these decisions with any knowledge from her family. Lila Bita showed the struggles to obtain freedom and has become an amazing writer with various plays and poetry and was simply destined for greatness.

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