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Slavery Essay

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Slavery in the modern world

"Oppressed people cannot remain oppressed forever" this is a quote from martin Luther king jr. He was a wise and brave man who spoke out for the rights of black people. His goal was to convince the population that black people, and all other races, were equal. He was motivated to do this by all the racism he was seeing around him and what he had heard of in the past. The years of slavery and abuse were abundant. He wanted the world to overcome their prejudices just as America had overcome slavery after the civil war. Although African Americans have been released from the binds of slavery in North-America, this does not mean all slavery has been abolished. The general population believes the slave trade is no longer an issue. Ignorance is bliss. Slavery is in fact still a problem in certain societies. The oppressors have simply moved onto new targets.

Slavery is a concept that has always been around. From the Jews who built the pyramids, to the children who work in sweat shops in Asia for little or no money. From an economic point of view, slavery is brilliant. They do the hard labor for free or a very small sum of money. Of course from a moral point of view, the concept is despicable and absurd. With the efforts of the United Nations and human rights activists groups such as Anti-Slavery international which was founded in 1787 in London, slavery has been significantly diminished, but it still exists. In countries around the world, especially underdeveloped ones, slavery is a part of everyday life.

To determine where there is still slavery in the world we must first give it a definition. The United Nations defined a slave as anyone whose movement or decision-making abilities are curtailed such that they do not have the right to choose employers. This definition certainly seems to broaden our perception of a slave. Now, forced labor and child laborers are slaves as well. Child slavery is mainly caused by large companies, such as...

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