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slavery Essay

  • Submitted by: srh4life
  • on December 6, 2008
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Below is an essay on "slavery" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Cory Shurtliff
English III
2 March 2008

The Reality of Slavery

        The reality of modern slavery is that it still goes on today. Under disguises like a private contractor or business owner. Almost every day undercover of fake truth is the labor of people who once had a life. Taken from their family, thrown into the life of forced slavery, and the death of trying to get people to work for the price of their freedom. A freedom that doesn’t come free but the hope of these people, the blood, sweat, and tears keeps them going to see a light in this dark world. Born into slavery isn’t their fault but the parents want them to strive for the life they never had and even though later on the baby will live the life of their parents and start a new generation of slaves. The fact is much has been done in the past has been done to free the ones with hope but now the future holds new problems for ones with a dream of escaping their dark and lonely abyss of the life of a slave. Many of the slaves live with everyday violence and starvation and to the slave owners they are just livestock to them just there to make a buck.

          Modern Slavery is the most unbelievable, unforgivable form of violence and torture ever seen. Millions of people are taken from their homes to be used for labor and servants
In 1999, The American Anti-Slavery Group estimates that 27 million slave live in our modern world. Other estimate are that there is over 200 million. No matter the number they are living and dying in all the regions of the word. Nevertheless for what? So many people have made a living for selling and performing human trafficking.(Dr. Jermyn internet) Most countries suffering from depressed economies and worse instable governments cause people to start up slave trade as a last resort an inhumane decision. Due to this it’s a perfect place for human traffickers. Also some trafficking occurs to culture and social practices also religion....

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