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SLU Essay

  • Submitted by: bdothehot
  • on December 9, 2008
  • Category: English
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Swagger! “No one of the corner has swagger like us,” these are the words made famous by the controversial rap mogul T.I. This song comes at a time in society in which many kids and young adults seem to be concentrated all too much their “swagger”. However many of them have developed or have been taught a false definition of what the word swagger actually means. What is swagger? Lately there has been much talk about this word swagger. How is swagger developed? Swagger is something you can’t look up on the internet. Something you can observe from others, but be ill advised that many people falsely portray what swagger is. The problem is I have yet to come across a person who actually has swagger and can actually tell me what constitutes an individual to have swagger. As I walked down the street I seen a group of high school kids crowded around each other. I proceeded to walk towards the growing crowd I overheard the children discussing the topic of swagger. One kid stated, “I have more swagger than you. I’m fresher than you. My style is better than yours.” The other kid replied back, “not even my shoes cost more than your whole outfit, as the rest of the kids laughed. It is situations and views like this that truly conceals the true definition of what swagger is. Swagger is how an individual presents himself to the world, his or her abilities to handle a situation with a sense of calmness along with the ability to maintain a level of self-confidence without appearing arrogant.

      The interesting side of this all is that I am good friends with the man who just so happens to be the co-owner of Urban Magazine. So I gave him a call after witnessing this whole “swagger movement” continued to become larger. We discussed how the word swagger and many others such as many words such as “nigger”, “bad”, and “son” have evolved to become what many people label as slang or what has become known as the   culturally created language, Ebonics. Also it just so happens that the...

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