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Smart Cards Essay

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In this age of technology we are learning, creating, implementing and accepting alternate and better ways of challenging ourselves to make our daily lives more efficient and equitable. To accept these challenges of new technology it seems that some will take the challenge to the extreme regardless of the outcome to those it affects. Particularly we find ourselves bombarded with different ways of initiating identity theft, breaking into private and public systems, for fun cracking into government and organizational systems to prove it can be done. There has to be a way to began to bring some sense of security and today with the advancement of technology we find this to some extent in the Smart Card. These cards seem to becoming more acceptable as forms of credential for controlling access. They can be easily authenticated to validate a person identity, determine and control specific levels of access any entity may deem necessary for entrance. The Smart Card whether used as a contact or contactless card in a physical access system design can implement the strongest security policy for any situation including other design use.
                                              The Benefits of the Smart Card
    The smart card is flexible and can provide a passage for which the user requirement
not the card technology is the motivating force. The flexibility of the smart card makes it a multi-technology card that can be structured to accommodate multiple functions as required by the user. If you have worked around the military or some organization or business who focus on security and using the technology available to increase their operability you probably have seem some of the uses of the smart card. The smart card can have more than one access function on a single card, enabling the user to access physical and reasonable resources without having to carry or keep a myriad of paper and plastic identification.   While reading an article in tech faq it stated that the...

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