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smokin is the worst crisis Essay

  • Submitted by: askwpool33
  • on March 9, 2009
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What is the worst health crisis facing the United States? Is it Smoking or Obisity
Smoking is one of the most dangerous habits. Now, many people die prematurely each year as result of smoking. Smoking cause several demages to the smoker's life and to our enviroment. In Unites States, smoking is one of the principals causes of death per year.Therefore, I think that smoking is the worst health crisis facing USA. Diseases caused by smoking can be, hard to treat, irreversible and mortal.

Diseases by smoking are hard to treat, because People who smoke tend to have a harder time to recover from respiratory infections. Bronchitis , Pneumonia, Asthma and Sinusitis are the most popular respiratory diseases from smoking. If a smoker develop one of these diseases, he will need medical control and will have to take medication to control the disease . For example, If a smoker develop Bronchitis, he will have symptoms such as :dry cough, headache, fever, difficulty breathing and tightness in the chest. These symptoms should be treat it by a doctor, who will sent medication in order to the patient. According to the latest studies made by Non-Smokers Association , Smoking cause more than 80 percent of cases of bronchitis.

Disease by smoking can be irreversible because people who smoke develop several disease that don't have cure such as: Cancer, heart attack, . As an example: sometimes on the tv we see advertising of people who speak through their trachea, they have Tracheostomy a type of laryngel cacer that made a hole in front of the neck, it as a result of on operation because smoking. Smoking contributes to this disease process in two ways. It destroys lung tissue, , and causes inflammation and irritation of airways that can cause the disease will be irreversible .

Disease by smoking can be mortal and affect others people. Mothers who smoking during pregnacy can causue several problems to the babie such as: Low weight birth, prematurely pregnancy or infant death. For...

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