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Smoking Essay

  • Submitted by: kevinchampion
  • on December 7, 2008
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Smoking effects not only people who smoke, it also affects people who are around smokers in the form of secondhand smoke. Over the past few years various states have been adapting to the smoking ban. Some have opposed it and some welcome it with open arms. People who are against the smoking ban are obviously smokers, but there are some smokers that are for the smoking ban. Most of the people who are against the smoking ban are against it because simply they can’t smoke inside buildings, if they are at a bar they have to go outside and smoke. Those that are against the smoking ban have two choices either fine a way to cope with it or quit smoking. Smoking is not only the leading cause of deaths compared to other diseases or forms of cancer but most people don’t care about that. What most people need to realize is that the smoking ban has done a lot more good than harm. The smoking ban has allowed for cleaner indoor environments, reduce health risks, lessen the chance for teenagers to be influenced to smoke and it turned some smokers into nonsmokers. Smoking not only affects people who smoke, but also non smokers, secondhand smoke is just as dangerous as smoking and it’s about time there is a plan in place to get this issue under control.
As you walk into bars and restaurants the first thing you smell is smoke. For non smokers, that is an issue because they don’t want to have to walk into a smoke filled environment and deal with second hand smoking. Bartenders who don’t smoke deal with second hand smoke every time they walk into work. Before the smoking ban 61 out of 90 bar workers reported wheezing, shortness or breath and other symptoms, one month after the ban 41 out of the 90 still had the symptoms and each month after that the number decreased (Seppa, 2006). Also bar workers were able to exhale in more air one month after the ban and they had fewer white blood cells which is a sign of reduce inflammation (Seppa, 2006). This study proves that the smoking ban...

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