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Smoking Ban Essay

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  • on December 5, 2011
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Ohio Smoking Ban
Smoking has always been a problem when it comes to public places, restaurants, bars, and sporting events. Emotions run high when smokers and non smokers are in the same area with each other. During the 2006 November election, voters voted on a ban to stop smoking from being done indoors throughout the state of Ohio. Issue 5 was started by a program called Smoke Free Ohio; a large group of concerned health advocates including groups like the American Cancer Society and the American Lung Association. In 2005, the organization collected 100,000 signatures for the ban to be considered by the Ohio General Assembly.
The ban has caused conflict between the people who smoke and people who don’t. It has been a debated on issue that continues today. There are many reasons why the smoking ban is in place, but there are several other reasons why the ban should not be in effect. People against the ban on smoking feel that it is there right to be able to smoke where they want without being singled out just because they have cigarette at bar or work.
There is no way to truly to enforce the smoking ban. Say a place has a sign that say smoking must be done 25 feet away from the building. Who determines if it is 25 feet exact?   Why do smokers have to be the ones to move when all people are treated equal? Think of the businesses that have majority of people who smoke in them. Bars for example, have lost numerous amounts of customers because of the Smoking ban act. When people go to places that involve drinking there is mostly likely smoking. It is a social event. The argument on this is that people want to go to bars and not worry about getting second hand. It should be the owner’s choice to have smoking inside of his/her business or not. Businesses get charged fines by the govern Ohio Department of health when reported. First Violation is just a warning. The second violation and there on start from $100 and can go up to $2500 on the fifth violation.

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