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So it goes Essay

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The mind of the pessimist is exceedingly insular. If asked to identify all the red objects in the room, one may be overwhelmed at how everything with an ounce of red, the most trivial included, seems to just pop out--the red folder shoved carelessly on the desk, the red sweater laying lifelessly on the ground, the red writing decorating the lively poster hung on the wall. However, in reality, the red objects only contribute to a small percentage of the room; compared to the abundance of the other colors dancing around the room, the color red is almost ineducable.

The reason the color red stood out among the other colors, is because the mind focused specifically on red objects, disregarding everything else in the room. That's precisely how the mind of the pessimist works. The negative aspects of life are sought out and narrowed in on. Although the beauties and positive aspects of life are more abundant, the mind oversees them, In short, if one searches for negative attributes, all he'll ever see are those negative attributes. My brother, Cody, suffered from such ill perceptions of pessimism and ended life never being able to recognize the beauty in life. Fortunately, his pessimistic viewpoint taught me a valuable life lesson.

Cody was my mother's child from a previous marriage and was 10 years my elder. when he was 18, he moved to his father's house in Portland, Oregon. Aside from the brief phone conversations, I had little contact with my brother for 8 years. So, naturally, I was exciting when I heard he was moving back to Merced. I immediately reflected on the wonderful, admirable person Cody was--his appearance all clean and cut. It was inevitable to reject the uncouth version of him that arrived at my door step.

The liberal, hippie community of Portland, combined with the folk music and cannabis, shaped my brother into a complete stranger. It wasn't so much his appearance that bothered me, it was his demeanor. It was obnoxious how he tried to win my mom...

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