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SOC/315 - Movie Review of "Higher Learning"

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Movie Review of Higher Learning – Hollywood’s Portrayal of Diversity
Cultural Diversity
Shirlonda Taylor M. Ed.

Movie Review of Higher Learning – Hollywood’s Portrayal of Diversity
The 1995 motion picture Higher Learning depicts a view of multicultural life for freshmen at prestigious yet fictitious Columbus University (Chapman, 2009). In addition, this film endeavors to develop issues regarding the interaction of diverse students through highly accentuated stereotypes. Realism of the many diverse characters lends an accurate perception to the viewer; however, the extreme encounters amid the various principals of this film are surreal. Moreover, the plot is riddled with media sensationalism and an overabundance of a party like atmosphere, which is inconsistent with a college of Columbus’ advertised stature.
Portrayal of Diversity
The cast of John Singleton’s film was quite diverse and capable of performing the various roles set aside for lead characters. The portrayal of diverse cultures is not unlike one would expect to encounter in a college environment. Furthermore, the struggles that many of these characters are forced to endure are typical of the dilemmas that students face daily in their college experiences. Some students were directed to deal with financial aid issues or were compelled to make certain sacrifices to pay their tuition. This theme initially transcended cultural boundaries. However, the segment was short lived and the racial morass escalated.
Essentially, the film provides a relatively convincing perspective about the different cultures one could observe at any upscale university. The people and genres are wholly convincing due to their exceptional acting qualities. However, the extreme overgeneralization of their respective cultures and the over indulgent, party atmosphere diminishes the main theme of cultural diversity among college students.
Highlighted Stereotypes
From the onset, this film relies heavily...

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