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Social Carribean Essay

  • Submitted by: cam2348
  • on December 4, 2011
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Problem of Leadership in the Caribbean
Based on the readings, I would say that poor leadership is one of the biggest issues that contributed to social movement in the Caribbean.   First, one has to understand that most Caribbean colonies were primarily made up of blacks, where the white population was even fewer than 5% in some Caribbean countries. This came to be because the Caribbean colonies were based primarily on agriculture and the demand for labor increased as the popularity of products such as sugar and tobacco become very popular.   To keep up with this demand for labor, the Europeans began the Slave Trade that shipped thousands of Africans to the colonies each year to work on these plantations. At first, the Slave Trade was very successful for the European countries as plantation workers brought wealth and prosperity as the Europeans continued to trade products such as sugar cane and tobacco throughout Europe.   However, as time went on many of the majority of the slaves demanded that their freedom be granted or else they began to protest, as illustrated in Haiti. Although the Europeans were reluctant to grant emancipation, they did so; however, the former slaves did not have complete liberation. For example, in British colonies such as Jamaica and Barbados, they implemented the Apprenticeship System which delayed freedom for slaves and had oppressive measures toward slaves to ensure that they kept working on their plantations. Although the leaders in place claimed slaves were free, this clearly was not the case as   former slaves still faced hardship and discrimination from the white elites and they were never considered equal.
In conclusion, it’s evident that the main issue that contributed to social movement in the Caribbean was leadership.   Many of the laws that were put into place came from thousands of miles oversea to keep agricultural production high and to make sure that former slaves continue to work as they had done in the past. These new laws...

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