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Social Classes Essay

  • Submitted by: openmind90
  • on December 5, 2011
  • Category: Social Issues
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Travon Marsh
Professor Wallace
English 120 9:30 am
12 October 2011
“How Social Classes Affect Us and Our Lives”
Social classes affect our lives on a daily basis. They can determine who we associate with, where we go and how we choose to see people. Are you aware of your social class? If so, are you aware of how it affects you and others? Your social class can be based on who you know, the sports you play and even your religion. I find in most cases that the social classes that are affiliated with you depend on how much money you or your family has. Most are blind to the fact that their social status exist and are not aware of how it affects others. In this essay I will explain, as well, give examples on how social classes effect us in everyday life.
The author Katherine Mansfield addressed a very relevant subject in this story that resembles the world we live in today. The first question Mansfield asked, “When did you first realize the differences in social classes? What was your reaction?” The Brunells that consist of a family of five, Mr. Brunell, Mrs. Brunell and their three lovely daughters. The eldest Isabel, Lottie and the youngest Kezia received a gift from Mrs. Hay. The gift was “The Dollhouse.” The girls were very excited to show off their gift. They huddled up, connected arm to arm with all the girls in the school to tell them about it. However, there were three little girls left out, the Kelveys.
The Kelveys were the children of a washwoman, who cleaned after other families in town. Their father wasn’t around, some say he was in prison. Can you imagine how the girls felt with the feeling of attending school with the children of doctors, lawyers, and store owners? All the other girls shutting out the Kelveys is when I took notice of how the different social classes. It was shocking knowing that the little girls could be cruel. I know this was a piece of literature but it touched me, as if one my loved ones were talking from the Kelveys...

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