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social emotional adjustment of adopted children Essay

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Running head: Social-Emotional Adjustment

Social-Emotional Adjustment Among Adopted Children

This paper focuses on the social-emotional adjustment among adopted children. There are many factors to adoption such as how the adoptee as well as the biological and adopted parents feel (also known as the adoption triad), how sibling attachment is affected, how searching for the biological family affects adjustment and how children from Russia & Romania adjust to their adopted American families and how the family adjusts as well. This paper will also focus on the positives and negatives of these factors related to the adjustment of these adopted children and leaves you to decide if adoption might be an option in your future.

To be adopted is defined to us as legally taking another’s child into one’s family through legal means and raise as one’s own (American Heritage Dictionary 3rd edition, 1994). There are positive and negative effects on the social-emotional adjustment of adopted children and their families. These effects come from how the adopted child feels with regards to openness in their adoption, how their attachment is affected with siblings, how preoccupation to adoption affects the adjustment of the child and family and how American families must adjust to Russian/Romanian adoptees’ culture and in contrast how the European children adjust to American life.
Many researchers have attempted to investigate the effects of openness on the adoption triad. The term openness describes the many options that are available to biological parents and adoptive couples where more information or communication can be shared with the adopted child. This can range from the biological parents inputting on who adopts their child to exchanging letters or pictures with the adoptive families usually through the adoptive agency and face-to-face meetings with the...

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