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Social Problem Essay

  • Submitted by: dalaxiong
  • on December 11, 2008
  • Category: Social Issues
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I am strongly believed that Childhood Obesity is the major social problem issue in American. Therefore, I will do my research project in regard to this issue.  
XBOX and McDonalds have made millions off of children, but at what cost? Their Lives? These things are so prevalent in today’s children’s lives that they make a profound impact on their health. During the past 30 years the percentage of obese children between the ages of 6-11 has tripled.  
In childhood obesity there are many causes, three of the most influential are poor nutrition, low self esteem, and lack of activity all of which contribute to this raising epidemic we call childhood obesity.
I. Poor nutrition is a major factor in childhood obesity.
A. Eating healthy costs more and takes more time than a quickly prepared or fast food experience.
B. Parents/Caregivers of children tend to be uneducated on the healthy ways a child should eat.
In children who have an unhealthy diet and gain weight their self esteem tends to be lower than that of the average child which is another major factor in childhood obesity.
II. Childhood obesity can lead to a child’s low self esteem.
A. Overweight/obese children develop low self esteem because of societies influence on “being thin”.
B. The social interactions between overweight/obese children tend to decrease as they become more overweight.
When children begin to develop a low self esteem they no longer feel like doing things with others and become less active.  
III. Lack of activity in children is seen as the most prevalent factor in childhood obesity.
                  A. Parents/caregiver does not promote active lifestyles.
1. A study preformed by Research Triangle Institute International for the Centers of Disease Control in Washington, DC surveyed 986 parents who gave very alarming answers regarding childhood obesity and prevention.
2. Statistics from study showed following:
49.5% did not feel it was a schools right to record the children’s...

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