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Social Protests Essay

  • Submitted by: TMogadam
  • on December 8, 2008
  • Category: Social Issues
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Throughout history, many social protests have caused an uprising and agitation in an otherwise overlooked flaw or exaggerated prejudice against a certain situation. The main influences include that of Dr. Martin Luther King’s non-violent protests, and their efforts for an equal America, the anti-war movements of the 1960s or even the recent social protests against Prop 8 and gay rights. All three have in common a genuine effort to change a situation that the appointed leaders of our country fail to deem as an extremely poor direction for our country. Without the efforts of such leaders as Martin Luther King or the Anti-war movement including Benjamin Spock, the SANE committee and SPU organization, change would have not come as soon as it would have if we left things to adhere to their natural courses. In this certain situation, infants who haven’t seen the world and all the good things it has to offer are dying due to the budget deficits of a weak economy. Instead of calling attention a most dire issue, the government fails to create a solution to re-route funding back into the fields of the true heroes of our country; doctors and nurses. Regardless of this situation, the presidential inauguration is being taken place when members of a new committee, SOB (Save our Babies) decide to take action. According to Plato, "one simply has to conduct one's defense and argue one's case against an invisible opponent” (Line 18d Apology) SOB’s efforts, although a bit radical, do send an important message to our country which cannot be ignored.
The motivations behind SOB’s actions are clear. They want a change, and they want it now. If they can't get action now, then they want it sooner than anyone else had in mind. Many of the motivations behind social protest movements are really just a passionate desire for the good of all. SOB in this case, is protesting for the welfare of our children and healthcare system. However, the government in place is so tied up with the new...

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