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Social Psychology Essay

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Assignment 1
1. Passing, which is explained as denying who you are to others or presuming a person is one way when they are completely different, can certainly be dishonest, however under certain circumstances can be understandable. Of course lying in anyway will always be lying, but I believe that in situations, such as one that threatens your life in anyway, can be called okay. For example if in a work place, one has a who is highly homophobic, it can be understandable if one hides the fact of being gay in order to save their job and income. This also goes along with the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy in the military. If you openly tell people in the military you are gay, you will be kicked out or not allowed to join. But if someone’s life goal is to be in the Army, in order to fulfill that goal one must lie. In ‘Passing’ by Brooke Kroeger she introduces the readers to David Matthews, a half-white (Jewish), half-black young man. She goes on to write about David’s mother being white, and how David presents himself as white to the outside world. He didn’t openly tell people he was black because he wanted the respect from others of being white. Though he knew he should be truthful, he continued to pass himself for being white. While David passed deliberately, there are people who pass inadvertently, meaning others believe you are something without your consent or knowledge. An example of this is when a light skinned black woman, with hardly any color pigment, is seen as being white. This happens in communities very often. This however not being the person’s fault is not lying because they have nothing to do with the opinion.

2. Brekhus explains in his story three ways to “do” one’s identity, by becoming Peacocks, Chameleons, and Centaurs.
For Peacocks being gay is a defining feature of who you are and how you life your life. Everything about them is gay; the way they dress, where they live, and their social life. They are 100% gay, 100% of the time. They...

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