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social psychology star power Essay

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  • on June 8, 2008
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Starpower has illustrated several social psychological principles which were not only present during the game, but are also highly relevant within our contemporary society. These principles through empirical research are the concepts of perception and attribution processes, role playing and simulation. It is with these concepts that allow social and cognitive psychologists to examine why we behave and think the way we think about the social world. How do we interpret and analyse the information we encounter? Are the truth(s) we discover reliable, or are we all biased and influenced by our own feelings and pre-existing knowledge. Are our values and attitudes consistent or are they constantly changing depending on the social role?
In Starpower, we may attribute our inability to win because others are more effortful, and since we were the last to pick our chips, all the good ones are already taken, even though chip allocation is at random. Here, as Heider and Simmel (1944) has suggested, we are biased towards causality, committing the fundamental attribution error or the actor-observer effect. In that, we would overestimate other’s internal causes, such as them being more skilful, and pay little thought to the external causes (Cialdini, Kendrick, & Neuberg, pp.80-82), such as everything is at random so that their chances of picking better chips are just the same as ours. Similarly, as Jones and Nisbett (1967) discovered, we as the observers tend to focus on the internal attributions for others (actors), while ignoring the external attributions if asked to describe the causality of others behaviour. However, the opposite occurs when we are asked about our causality to behaviour.
Therefore, we are not only biased towards others causality, but are also self-servingly biased. These biased attributions are so common, they even occur on sports interview, for example, players and coaches quote very differently depending on whether they won or lost. As Lau & Russell (1980)...

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