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Social Reforms 18Th Century Essay

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  • on February 26, 2011
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Social Control in the Reforms of the 18th Century

The reforms of the 18th century were more of a chance to better society and shape society. The

reform movements were spurred by the Second Great Awakening. American reform movements in the

early to mid 1800's began to improve America. America was expanding, and with the expanding

population, changes were needed to improve the life of Americans. In a time that was very influenced

reevaluating and bettering , people began to question how to advance their lives. People began the

think about “how small and insignificant we are in society.”[1]Women, had an ample role in shaping the

reforms of the 18th century. They fought for changing society’s thoughts, such as the woman's rights.

Men and women began the process of abolishing slavery and began rethinking the educational system.

On July 19, 1848, a convention was called in Seneca Falls. Elizabeth Stanton and

Lucretia Mott, who were the organizers of the meeting,was where the convention first “raised the issues

of woman's suffrage for the first time.”[2]Stanton drafted the Declaration of Sentiments that would define

the meeting, taking the Declaration of Independence as her guide. “Women had the idea they could

change whatever problems in the Us society, If they could vote.”[3] Because women at the time wanted

to have or to be equal to men, they wanted   the right to vote and have all the rights of men, they

fought for control over their rights. They also fought for equal treatment and rights to work. Few

women were allowed to work and of   those that did some were treated with disrespect. Harriet

Robinson toured the Lowell Mill and commented about the treatment of women in her writing, “In the

eyes of her overseer, she was a brute, a slave, to be beaten, pinched and pushed around.”[4]The women

right act help demonstrate the steps women took to improve the quality of life for women then and

women today....

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