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social structures Essay

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  • on December 14, 2008
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Society and the rules imposed by it are one of the most significant themes in both the novels. It is one of the driving forces and motivational reasons to the question of “Why things are the way they are”. In these particular times in which the novels are set, society and its rules dominate all other natural human impulses including those of extreme passion and love. We go on to see how both of the fundamental relationships introduced in the novels are unable to reach a stage of fulfillment and happiness due to the dictatorial power society exercises over their lives.

  In Like Water for Chocolate Mama Elena is the domineering force that enforces the rules of culture and society. This is very important aspect of the way the norms of society affect Tita’s life and the way relationship between Tita and Pedro is hindered. We see that in this novel these norms of past culture have to be imposed by someone. I mean you have to have someone who has some considerable authority to enforce the rules of society to be followed, so Mama Elena plays an important role in making these cultural norms effective. This is in stark contrast with Wuthering Heights where the knowledge of society status is inherent and inbuilt in the   characters. The grasp that society has on Catherine’s moral consciousness is phenomenal. Her perception are heavily clouded by the highly segregated society that not even passionate love can dissuade her desire to be the “ Greatest Lady in the neighborhood”. It is really critical to note that even though she says: “I am Heathcliff” she is unable to turn down the offer that a higher social status offers her. The ideals of this social hierarchy is deeply engraved in the mentality of the people   during these times. So not only does this give us a picture of the conditions of domestic life and the social position during the nineteenth century but tries to inform us the defining role that the society plays in distancing Heathcliff and Catherine. So the...

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