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Socialism Essay

  • Submitted by: dan5662
  • on December 4, 2011
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Coles 1
Tyler Coles
Professor Hoftiezer
September 19, 2011

Ultimate Question: God, The Brain, or You?

The million dollar question, the question that if answered, would change the entire world's perception and view upon life and the mysterious subconscious level of our minds. The main ideas that people ask; Why do we exist? Is God real? Or is scientific method the key to unlocking our minds inner thoughts and explanations, the reason we can even process reality? Those questions are about to be received and discussed with the effort of influencing the opinions of others.
Firstly, Arguments for and against the existence of God have been proposed by philosophers, theologians, scientists, and others. In philosophical terminology, arguments for and against the existence of God involve primarily the sub-disciplines of epistemology (theory of knowledge) and ontology(nature of being), but also of the theory of value, since concepts of perfection are often bound up with notions of God. have to look through and excrete the acknowledging information of how or why we exist in the given universe. Many, beliefs of the reason for existence has a set God or Master of the religion. No religion promotes any real evidence towards the truth behind it but the belief and scare of a heaven or hell can be a deciding factor if wether you want to pray towards   specific god or not. Though, some religions believe in reincarnation, which to a few would agree it sounds quite real due to the fact of mother nature, and recycling of materials. The argument from free will contests the existence of an omniscient god who has free will or has allotted the same freedom to his creations by arguing that the two properties are contradictory. According to the argument, if God already knows the future, then humanity is destined to corroborate with his knowledge of the future and not have true free will to deviate from it. Therefore our free will contradicts an omniscient god. Another...

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