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Society Essay

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  • on December 3, 2008
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There are plenty of sparks that contribute to the proverbial fire that is the contoversies within the novel.   In The Awakening, Edna Pontellier is confronted with a myriad of feelings which overcome her and lead to her eventual death.   Throughout the story she finds her true thoughts on being a mother, sex and independence.   Edna also learns of her own identity and self expression, which is on of the key underlying purposes of the novel.
From the beginning of the story we learn about Edna through her actions.   She is not a "mother-woman" and this does not care to become one.   This is observed when one of her sons falls and she just watches as he dusts himself off and wipes the tears froms his eyes.   She knows that most women would have the motherly instinct to rush to their child and comfort them but she does not have these feelings.   Edna believes that women idolize their children too much and that it removes the indivduality that would be shown if not for it.   This is why Adele Ratignolle is one of her foils, as she would whisk by her childs side to care of it and supports her husband whole-heartedly.   This further explains Edna's true self and adds to her strife awaken and become independent. During this time period Edna's actions would be frowned upon and she would be told to learn more motherly manners.   Nowadays it is generally acceptable to not be a "mother-woman," which it why it is not that shocking.
She continues to unveil her true self by adding to the meaning of individualness when tells of how she wishes to not be married anymore but continues to see another man with no purpose of doing so.   This helps express her real identity and show her desire for solitude.   In the novel she learns of the Creole women openly expressing there thoughts.   At first this shocks Edna but the idea begins to flourish into a strong belief.   When she stars to embrace this act of openess, she learns of ways to express herslf.   This becomes evident when she listens to...

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