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sociology Essay

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n sociology there are several ways of defining   sociology. Sociology is also know as a social science. It stands for looking at at the social structure of an organization. Also, it looks at the the pattern of behavior, institutions, and the context that sets up the circumstances   where the behavior takes place. Sociology is a perspective way of thinking, where people tend to overlook different situations. Gangs Leader For Day written by Sudhir Ventesh, contains its own distinctions of the idea of social perspective. Its offers a lot to sociology with the methods of study, its own limits and contributions, certain sensitive topics.
Critical thinking is one of the most important   topics on sociology. It asks about what is happening and how it affects people and their lives. Also, it how things are connected and interconnected. In order to understand how Ventesh incorporates different issues in the book, issue topics such as research methods, observation and theory much be addresses first.
Ventesh gained a lot of knowledge about the topics about sociology before looking at the issues mentioned   in the book. There are three main theories in sociology that sociologists mainly focus on. Conflict, functionalist, and symbolic   interactionism are the three main theories. The conflict and and functionalist theories are both macro theory that takes a broader perceptive on a certain subject. Also they both explain the "bigger picture" on how people structure their individual lives. Symbolic interactionism is a micro theory that explains small-scale interaction.
In order to test out the theories of conflict, symbolic interactionism, functionalist and conflict, sociologist need to use certain research methods.   The research methods give sociologists different ways to see the same topic. The three main research methods   are quantitative, qualitative, and observational work. The quantitive methods deals with information on surveys and the short answers. This methods...

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