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Sociology and Fun Essay

  • Submitted by: zrossin5
  • on December 8, 2008
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Sociology 105
Elements of Sociology, Honors
Study Guide for Quiz #6
1.   Be able to define the following terms: sacred, profane, civil religion, fundamentalists, church, sect, cult, religiosity.
Sacred-refers to the religious, transcendent world
Profane-refers to the secular, everyday world
Civil religion-set of quast-religious beliefs and practices that bind a population together and justify its way of life
Fundamentalists-interpret their scriptures literally, seek to establish a direct, personal relationship with the higher beings they worship –intolerant of nonfundamentalists
Church-bureaucratic religious organization that has accommodated itself to mainstream society and culture
Sect- form by breaking away from churches due to doctrine disagreements. Less integrated into society and less bureaucratic than churches led by charismatic leaders intolerant of religious opinions other than their own. (amish)
Cult-small groups of people deeply committed to a religious vision that rejects mainstream culture and society. Led by charismatic leaders and recruit members from one segment of the stratification system (high, middle, low).
Religiosity-refers to how important religion is to people. Measured by strength of belief, emotional attachment, knowledge, frequency of rituals, how often church is attended, etc.

2.   According to functionalists such as Durkheim, what are the functions of religion?   How do conflict theorists such as Karl Marx interpret religion?

The function of religion is to reinforce social solidarity. Highlights how religion contributes to social order, allowing people to join together and form a collective conscience. (evidence: the Super bowl and other joined events actually decreases suicide rates)
Karl Marx believes that religion often tranquilizes the underprivileged into accepting their life. Marx also believes religion helps facilitate conflict, promoting social inequality and segregating people.

3.   According to Weber,...

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