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Sociology Paper

  • Submitted by: jamal07dckid
  • on March 3, 2011
  • Category: Social Issues
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Ibsaa J. Adam                                                                                           February 21, 2011
Professor Barrett                                                                                                 SOC 205-04
Sexual Assaulting and Being Sexually Assaulted for Southern Urban University Students
                                                (Volume 8, April 4, 2005)

This article, Sexual Assaulting and Being Sexually Assaulted for Southern Urban University Students, by Peter B. Anderson and Briana Spruille was basically on sexual assault. In this article, responses from both the CORE Alcohol and Drug Survey were used in studying heavy episodic drinking and “being taken advantage of sexually” or “taking advantage of someone sexually” (better known as “sexual assault” throughout this article). When looking at the typical characteristics of the assaulter and assaulted, they are usually analyzed as both distal and proximal behavioral influences. Distal influences are not those pertaining to assault, but include personality characteristics, attitudes, past experiences, and patterns of alcohol use. Proximal influences are those temporarily close to the assault and include risky situations and contexts, and pre-assault drinking.
In looking at the few studies of women who assault men, women assaulters were seen as more likely to have experienced past sexual abuse, to hold stereotypical attitudes about male sexuality, and to believe that typical females roles are restrictive. Research conducted by E. Sandra Byers and Lucian O’Sullivan (1998) and Peter Anderson (1998) showed that women commonly initiate sexual activity using both positive (i.e., seductive) and negative (i.e., coercive or physically forceful) strategies. Sexual assault, in some cases, can be very difficult to measure. It is difficult when it comes to observing, experiencing, or recreating a sexual assault experience. Some studies use surveys and questionnaires,...

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