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Socrates Essay

  • Submitted by: mharley
  • on March 1, 2011
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The ancient philosopher Socrates was born in Athens in the year 469 b.c. Socrates appearance was extremely, one could say not well groomed or even plain, but he stood out in strength and endurance hoping to help his local citizens become more morally perfect discussing justice and virtue as well as religion. He walked across Athens barefoot and shabbily dressed, one of his followers commented “if a slave were forced to live such a life, he would escape by any means”.   When the oracle of Delphi announced that Socrates was the wisest man, he took this as a riddle and sought out to find men who were wiser then he was.   Pretending to be simple minded, Socrates humbly questioned the men of Athens about their knowledge of good, beauty and virtue, then by asking tricky questions he drove the persons to disprove their own words, together with this puzzled opponent Socrates tried to release the wisdom that slept in his soul, just like his mother, a mid-wife helped people to be born.   Socrates concluded that he was truly the unwise of people because even though he had as little wisdom as others he at least realized his own ignorance stating “I only know that I know nothing”. Socrates tried to create moral standards which would become the same for all people, “there is only one goodness, it is knowledge, there is only one evil it negligence”.    
It is the philosopher's goal to question everything; however Socrates' approach was different than most other philosophers. Viewing one side of the perspective, Socrates can be seen as an insensitive and arrogant person in a way where he undermined the laws to fit his ideals, left his family, and disregard the people's values. On the other side he can be seen as an ingenious man who questioned what many thought was unquestionable. Many people that had the pleasure of passing Socrates’ path while he was in such an inquisitive mood were often left dumbfounded by how sharp his wit was in questioning their beliefs. As he can be...

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