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Socrates Trial And Death Essay

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  • on December 9, 2008
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Socrates’ Trial and Death
Athenians were humiliated by the lost battle against Sparta. Athens was stabilizing and recovering from the defeat while Socrates, being much of a critic, found himself in trouble after politically expressing his views on the new democracy. When someone's opinion does not match that of the majority, does that make them wrong?   In ancient Athens around 400 BC, the majority of a 501 member jury believed so. A person with beliefs and principles should be allowed to express his/her thoughts because he/she can visualize something which others may not. In Plato's The Apology which literally means, defense, Socrates had many beliefs and Principles which weren't accepted by his fellow Athenians. Due to their false accusations against Socrates beliefs, an innocent man was wrongfully sentenced to death. I believe his death was not justified because he was just expressing his ideas, he took responsibilities for all of his actions, and he stood by his beliefs through many hardships.
            It is correct to say Socrates had many ideas which were different because he thought beyond the horizon of typical beings. He had a town nickname which sounds very comical, Gadfly, which means annoying. Socrates was a critic, he was critical of the thinking and thought processing of his fellow citizens and he was critical about the public affairs of Athens. This unfortunately was not accepted by the Athenian culture and he was trialed and convicted of corrupting the youth and questioning the Athenian Laws. The democracy which was newly introduced to the Athenian culture, Socrates questioned the real "truth" behind the majority's opinion. By questioning this newly founded democracy, Athenians believed that he was belittling their government. However, just because his ideas were different doesn't mean they were wrong. To put a person on trial for not even committing a crime, but just for having different opinions, is unjustified. To make matters worse they even...

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