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Why MBA A MBA study in Kellogg will assist me accelerate my career development and better position myself for the ultimate goals. Financial analysis and investments are not isolated pure math games. To pick the great investment candidate, I need to understand the core business disciplines of various industries and of different companies. This knowledge is more than the bottom line numbers of financial statements; it includes business model, competition strategy, marketing, quality of management and operations. Kellogg is renowned for the excellence in marketing, management strategy and global business vision. In Kellogg I can find the perfect fusion of business principles and financial analysis. Kellogg’s No.1-ranking “Marketing”, “Business Strategy” and “Pricing Strategy” courses will help me complement knowledge gaps and speed-up my learning curve in business fundamentals. In addition, the diversified student profile of Kellogg can help me build a professional network that plays a pivotal role in my business endeavors. Knowing the decision makers always offers a great edge in the investment management business. In Kellogg, I can meet the future global business leaders across the whole industry spectrum. The network I could obtain from Kellogg is multidimensional and strategic: I regard my Kellogg peers as potential investors, prospective partners and industry experts with invaluable business insights. This priceless intangible asset will definitely assist me in accomplish my business vision. MBA study is not single-way learning; I will contribute to TMP as well. I'd like to bring my financial market knowledge and quantitative skills to TMP. My financial caliber has given me a perspective that will prove valuable to Kellogg's primarily marketing- and consulting-focused student body. With two years of experience with the convertible bonds, I hope I can evoke sparkling discussion about this financial instrument and help my classmates without previous background to...

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  • on July 27, 2009
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