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Soil Conservation Essay

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Soil Conservation

Soil conservation is strategies for soil being eroded from the earth’s surface, or becoming chemically altered by overuse chemicals. Soil erosion is bad for the environment because it has bad effects on crops and wildlife, it will pollute the water sources as well. Soil erosion by water, wind and tillage affects both, agriculture and the natural environment. Soil loss and its impact, is one of the most important things of today’s environmental problems.  

Living in the forests in many parts of North America, are black bears. The black bears usually live alone. Black bears will always leave there claw scratches on the trees, in order to let other bears know to keep away from that spot. Black bears do leave the forests in search of food, sometimes black bears become attracted to human communities because of availability of food. Due to the species widespread, and a large global population the black bears are listed the least concern.  

Black bears are omnivores with their diet varying greatly depending on the season and their location. Black bears eat nuts, berries, acorns, roots, plants, insects, baby deer and moose. If the black bears or any type of bear live near a sea they will also catch fish to feed on. Other types of food eaten are crayfish, frogs, birds’ eggs, mice, red squirrel, woodchuck, and snowshoe hare are also occasionally ate. Bears can make tremendously weight gains in the fall, as much as 3 to 4lbs per day. In northern areas, where hard mast is lacking bears have to rely on only on berry crops for weight gain and den after those are exhausted.

There is hundreds of ways to make a difference in our economy and in our environment to make a difference and here is a few.

Drive less, walk or ride a bike.

Eat lower on the food chain.

Make your home environment energy and water efficient

Let your lawn go natural for wildlife.

Everyone, everywhere, depends on nature—for our health, our jobs, our water and...

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