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Solor Power Essay

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sdfasdfAlternative energy source will help get are deasdfpendence on foreign ddsfasdfoil, there are many untapped forms of alternative energy such as solar posdfsdfawer. Scientists are making breakthroughs with solar power each day. Infrared power isn’t something that is not new, solar power has been thdfasdfere for awhile but wasn’t very effective. The last form of new type of solar esdfasdfnergy is electrical sweaters. Solar power can solve masdfny different problems, asdfsdfsomeday it will be our new clean source of energy.
Solar power isn’t that widely used but we need to find an alternate source of energy to replace the use of foreign oil. Scientists have developed a new type of sosdfasdflar panel that will work in sunshine and even a cloudy day. The new type of solar panel isn’t really a panel but a type of paint that can be sprayed onto a surface.   This can maximize the use of solar easdfsdfnergy inssdftead of buying panels youdfa can buy this paint and have portable energy wear ever you like. Rasdfesearch hope that one day they can use this solar posdfasdfasdfasdfwer to power farms, have solar panels spread across the United States deserts. "The sun that reaches the Earth's surface deliverasdfasdfs 10,000 times more energy than we consume," said Ted Sargent. Another scientist said that if we can covssadfer 0.1 percent of the Earth’s surface we would have all the energy need and it would be renewable and clean.
Solar power isn’t a new form of energy it has been arounasdf sdf asdf asdf ad for awhile but not very effective.   Solar power cells are not effective because they can only harness the suns visible light, that is only fifty percents of the suns energy. The sun has to forms of energy that reaches the earth there is the visible light or visible spectrum and the other in infrared spectrum. The infrared spectrum can gather energy even when it is dark outside, the use of solar panels would increase. Researchers combined specially designed nano...

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