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solving social [roblem Essay

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I selected the topic about Burmese refugee camp along the Thai-Burmese border because I used to join in my high school program for visual education and realize that this topic can be related to the final report.   All of these Burmese migrants fled from Burma along to Thai border because of being threatened by the Burmese military government.   After escape, these people will be placed in the refugee camp in Thailand and not allow to go out of the camp.   It has been almost twenty years since the first group of Burmese migrants escaped from their country and stayed in the campsites, waiting that someday they can stay in Thailand legally and be independence from these camps.   Most of these people do not want to go back to Burma because of the insecure situation or even some non-organization like UN try to fix this problem by sending them to the third-country such as USA or UK, they still aware of being in the different place (heterophobia) and would rather prefer to stay in Thailand where the culture is more similar.   Some of them have made their family in the camp, in purpose that their children can hold a Thai citizenship and work legally.      

As mentioned, these Burmese people become strangers to Thai people and were discriminated because of their capability to do nothing, they were prejudiced that they could cause a lot of problems such as taking job of Thai people by reduce their wage of money or committing crimes which means all of these refugees already eliminate from the point of view of Thai people even they have Thai citizenship or not.   According to the Thai nationalism and patriotism, these Burmese people were referred as an out-group people and were limited their freedom by the rights of the state which is different from the Thai people. They were more under controlled and more limit to do, to act or to own something.   Even they can stay in Thailand legally; the government still put them as the second class citizen.     Moreover, they were insulted...

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