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Song Of Solomon, Bildungsroman Essay

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  • on December 6, 2011
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Boys on the brink maturity all come to a destination where their desire for introspection outweighs their desire to hold on to childish characteristics. In Toni Morrison’s Song of Solomon, Milkman finds himself evaluating his life under the dark Virginia sky. In a moment of realization the young man becomes aware of how sheltered and over privileged he has been.   His wealth has been nothing but a handicap holding him back from achieving the love of his peers. Milkman resents his privileged life as a child for it has kept him from understanding other people. In his moment of reflection he criticizes himself fairly and begins to admit to his wrongdoings. Putting on his military uniform in place of his lavish suit symbolizes Milkman’s transformation from a child to an adult. He has outgrown not only the fancy wardrobe of his youth but the metaphorical wardrobe of his sheltered upbringing.
(fight in grocery with milk bottle. Address how he proves to his peers he is more than a aristocrat and is then promptly invited to a hunting trip which is a trip to prove he is a man)
Milkman’s spiritual, as well as metaphorical transformation signifies the rebirth he underwent as Guitar attacked him. The attack imposed by Guitar caused Milkman to see not only what death was like, but what emotions and thoughts the experience of death would evoke. Milkman’s defining moment of becoming a matured adult occurs whilst Guitar is attempting to strangle him. Initially Milkman submits to the thoughts of his lover and allows himself to be over-come, then in a sudden burst of comprehension he comes to his senses and fires his gun proving to Guitar and himself that he has cut all ties to his adolescent self. Ironically, the men on the hunting trip taunt him for missing out on the killing of the bobcat and miss firing his gun although Milkman, much unlike his old self, is unphased by their opinions once again proving to the audience his maturity.

Every boy reaches a moment in his life...

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